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Our actions have consequences—but what if it did not? A man rescued from the depths of the nether worlds discovers his soul does not accrue karma. An emissary of Death, plots revenge on the Gods. An empire is overthrown. Human virtue ebbs to its lowest. Strange alliances are made. The age of malice and war has dawned. What shall prevail?

This novel explores karma and its consequences—a topic I think about a lot. And I’ve always been interested in Hindu mythology and its deep, underlying not-so-obvious concepts, and Fable was the outcome of these two put together.

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What readers are saying

“My one complaint is that we never had Indian historical and mythological fiction that adults could enjoy but was also very interesting and unique. Project Fable is exactly what I was looking for. While most other writing in that category tends to be too cliché, with characters and plots that have sappy and noble protagonists, and your typical wicked antagonists, this chronicle has the best of both worlds, with gripping, out-of-the-ordinary storytelling, while also relying on Indian mythology. It’s fresh, its suspenseful and what I like to call mythology-noir. Do not miss this!”

—Atreya Arun

“Back when Sujan first pitched the core idea of Fable (as a game), I never thought it would eventually span into this full-fledged fantasy that weaves through so many interesting characters across large timescales. The very idea of ‘what could happen if a soul never accrued karma’ is novel and fascinating enough for me, sure, but incorporating so many subtle and not-so-subtle Indian mythological notions into the narrative and coming out the other end with a gripping tale is brilliant. Also, I really love the construction of characters and things belonging to the north and the south of the Indian subcontinent. There’s a level of nativity that an author could’ve easily given a miss but not in this one!”

— druchan

“Project Fable is the kind of reading you immerse yourself into. The story dives into a universe filled with ancient mythology, folklore, and fleshed out characters. The storytelling is quite crafty as the reader is transported between timelines. A few chapters in, you'll know this is not just another light reading. Buckle up for a fantasy ride.”

— Arvind Sivamani

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Fable Lore

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Actions have consequences—what if it did not? A man rescued from the nether world discovers his soul accrues no karma. An emissary of Death plots revenge on the Gods. An empire is overthrown. Human virtue ebbs to its lowest. The age of malice has dawned.


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